Some Great Colors for Interior Painting

If you are considering painting the interior of your home you more than likely will be overwhelmed by just how many different colors of interior paint there is to choose from. We understand it’s important to you to make your home look great and finding the right color is going to help you do just that.

To help cut down on your search, we’ve put together some of the more popular colors that many people like to use to enhance their walls in their rooms. We hope that this will help make your decision making a little bit easier for you.

Types of Paint Sheens

Bright White 

No matter what, white still remains an enduring favorite with many homeowners. Whites can do a lot to help lighten up any room. It can make a smaller space feel like it’s bigger and it can provide a blank canvas for any kind of design style. So if you’re looking to make a small room look bigger, this is a great choice.

Antique White

Antique White is a much warmer and softer tone of white. It’s versatile and it reminds you of parchment paper. This is a great color and it makes for a perfect backdrop for a room that has colorful and neutral accents and art.


This color moves you one step further down on the white paint spectrum. The classic beige is a very warm shade with a touch of a yellow undertone. Beige can really pop when it’s trimmed with a bright white and it can be a natural choice to put together with rust reds, blues, and browns. It’s a timeless color to use especially if you choose the Navajo White shade.


It is undeniable that blue has a calming quality for any room and any home. A really popular shade is Aleutian Blue made by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a dusky gray-blue that gives you the feeling of light misty morning rain. Blue is a great color that works in cozy bedrooms, large spacious living rooms, and many other rooms in your home.

Pale Gray

Recently pale gray has become a real go-to neutral color in a lot of homes across the country and it’s easy to understand why this is so. It gives a room decor almost a shine, while at the same time the color itself makes it’s own personal style statement. One of the most pope shades of gray is Gray Screen. This is a really modern shade of gray and has a really refreshing cool vibration.

Charcoal Gray

Americans all over have grown to have an affinity for the color gray and because of this there is an increase in the different shades, many of them have gotten richer and deeper such as the charcoal gray we mention now. Some shades of charcoal gray even border on being nearly black. One extremely popular shade of gray produced by Pratt & Lambert is Rubidoux. This is a very warm and sophisticated shade of gray that works great as a backdrop or even as a stand-alone accent color.


The reason why green is so popular for interior paint is that it’s so closely associated with nature. One of the most popular shades that are sold by Benjamin Moore is their soft garden green color called Guilford Green. This paint complements a huge range of different materials, furnishings, and fabrics. It also gives a room a refreshing feel which has a calming effect on the nerves.


Yellow is a great color if you’re looking for a way to raise the mood of a particular room or if you are trying to create a happy and playful atmosphere in your home. Friendly Yellow by Sherwin-Williams is a pale, muted yellow that helps to brighten up any room because it is both welcoming and cheery.

French Vanilla

This is a warm shade that has just a slight hint of yellow in it. It’s perfect for a bedroom because it gives it a warm and cozy feel to it. It’s also good for a living room if you want to make the room more comfortable and inviting. It’s also a neutral color that you can accent with bolder colors.


Mint is a very unique shade of green and its popularity is due to it’s linked to nature. It’s a color that brings a calm and relaxed feeling to any room. It also gives a room a feeling of positivism and happiness so it’s great for a living room, family room, or a bedroom.


Hazelnut recently has been used often in living rooms. It offers a feeling of relaxation and calm. Because it’s a darker shade of beige it’s also a good shade to use as a background. It’s also a great color for any kind of accent color.




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